Breakfast: The Most Important Domino of the Day

I’ve been coaching clients for several years now, long before I became associated with Body IO®. I’m a huge proponent of Carb Backloading™ (CBL), as it was the catalyst for my ascent in the sport of Strongman, so clients are always … Read More

Running in Circles: Caffeine and Performance

When I put out content like I did a few months ago, I often receive hate mail from people who assume that I’m strongly against things like caffeine. Given that I love coffee and drink it most mornings, this idea … Read More

How To Be Strong and Healthy: Eat Your Spinach!

In my unapologetic opinion, vegetarianism is an inefficient and myopic concept. Vegetables alone do not provide the energy, protein or fats required to sustain an optimal and healthy human existence. Produce is a garnish and, at best, a sidekick to … Read More

Caffeine and Health: How Coffee Is Making Women Fat
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I bet you don’t even know why you drink coffee. Be honest. After polling clients and friends, I found that most people started drinking coffee seemingly because it’s “an adult thing to do”, almost a rite of-passage into adulthood. There … Read More

HER Body™ Podcast #18 with Dain Wallis | Longevity for Health and Sport – Body IO ®

What type of preparation is needed for competitive sports? How can you sustain your health for sports and life? In today’s HER Body™ episode, AJ and Alex chat with fellow Body IO® coach, Dain Wallis, about the training and preparation … Read More

Are Your Workouts Making You Fat? – Body IO ®

  I see her in the gym every day. Let’s call her Sarah. She arrives in her heels and business casual attire, changes into her sneakers and Lulu gear, and begins to stretch and roll out on the gym floor. … Read More

Simplifying Workout Nutrition – Body IO ®

  I decided to write this piece on workout nutrition because the Internet is full of contradicting “scientific opinions” about what you should put in your body in order to get any benefit from weight training: “You need shakes with sugar … Read More

Shortcuts to Nowhere – Body IO ®

Attacking health and fitness goals is a lot like going on a long road trip to an exotic new location. You pick your destination and then you go, right? Simple as that! Well, first you need to fuel up. Maybe … Read More

The Importance of the Competitive Mindset – Body IO ®

In the spring of 2008 I entered my first Strongman competition. At 24 years of age, this was the first time I’d ever competed in an individual sport. I grew up playing team sports like soccer and baseball, and although … Read More

Five Common Fat Loss Lies You May Still Believe – Body IO ®

When I was an undergraduate kinesiology student, just a short decade ago (good lord, I’m getting old), I was taught to believe the generally accepted rhetoric about health: eat lots of whole grains, avoid saturated fat, engage in cardiovascular activity, … Read More

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