"What is Strongman?"

Strongman can best be described as a sport where athletes are required to pick up random heavy objects and maneuver them in some manner. It's like Crossfit, but much heavier. If you've seen giant men on TV lifting cars or giant boulders, that's Strongman. Dain competes in the lightest weight class (175 lbs), and does so on the World stage.

Dain's Recent Competition Results

4th place (tie)175 class, 2015 Arnold Amateur Strongman World Championships
1st place, 175 class, 2015 Odd Haugen Strongman Classic Chicago (automatic qualification for 2016 World Championships)
1st place, 200 class, 2016 CAASA Toronto Pro Supershow
1st place, 175 class, 2016 CAASA Ontario's Strongest Man
1st place, 175 class, 2016 CAASA Canada's Strongest Man
5th place175 class, 2017 Arnold Amateur Strongman World Championships

"Why is Strongman important?"

In a vacuum, it's not important. With that being said, Dain loves this sport, wants to help it grow, and believes it's important to have such a passion. Furthermore, not only does Dain understand how to eat, move and live healthy as a non-athlete, but he also knows how to take things to the next level and prepare a body for battle. He understands what it takes to drop body fat while also understanding what has to be done in order to perform at an elite level. Dain's experience as an athlete gives him a perspective that enables him to help more people in more ways and that's exactly what he aspires to do.
On this page you can find out more about the sport, follow Dain's competition results and watch some entertaining videos. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out for more details!

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