Saturated Fat: What You Don’t Know

In the world of nutrition, people like things to be black and white: All carbs are evil! Eggs raise cholesterol! Beef is high in saturated fat, eat lettuce instead! Unfortunately for the dogmatism in all of us, the world of … Read More

Why Health-First Should Be Priority-One

My entire coaching practice is based on a health-first approach. By helping my clients improve their overall health, body composition and performance goals inevitably follow suit- and in a sustainable manner. I pride myself on this approach and the results … Read More

Video Log 1: Intro To Lean Gains

Ladies and gentlemen! I have started to YouTube some short videos that will detail my next few months as I rehab from my knee procedure and attempt to gain 10lbs of muscle while getting back into shape for the 2016 … Read More

Are Your Workouts Making You Fat? – Body IO ®

  I see her in the gym every day. Let’s call her Sarah. She arrives in her heels and business casual attire, changes into her sneakers and Lulu gear, and begins to stretch and roll out on the gym floor. … Read More

Simplifying Workout Nutrition – Body IO ®

  I decided to write this piece on workout nutrition because the Internet is full of contradicting “scientific opinions” about what you should put in your body in order to get any benefit from weight training: “You need shakes with sugar … Read More

Why You Need More Sleep, Still

A few months ago I wrote a little piece to explain the importance of sleep. Today, let’s discuss why you need more sleep, still! Precision Nutrition just came out with a new article on sleep to further hammer home this … Read More

Exercise After Pregnancy: How To Lose That Baby Fat!

In honour of the birth of my new niece Norah, I’ve dug up a nice article on exercise after pregnancy. I’m obviously not an expert in the field, so I would suggest reading this article from Jill Coleman, who has … Read More

One For The Men: How To Boost Your Testosterone

Seeing how yesterday’s post was for the ladies, here’s a great piece for the men: 8 Ways to be an Alpha Male by Tomorrow, ie, How To Boost Your Testosterone from my friends over at Muscle & Fitness. As I mentioned … Read More

Sleep Better: How Much, Why and How To!
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Before I begin, I want to state that I am aware that it isn’t easy for most people to get regular, uninterrupted sleep. For myself, a single 30-year old man, I can sleep whenever I want, and I realize how lucky … Read More

The New Rules of Stretching

Growing up, I distinctly remember being taught to stretch before playing sports. Static hamstring stretching, static quad stretching, static shoulder stretching, etc. The one thing all the stretches had in common was they were static: extend or flex your limb … Read More

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