How Much Exercise Is Enough?

I wanted to make a quick post about the new Current Biology study that’s making the rounds: Constrained Total Energy Expenditure and Metabolic Adaptation to Physical Activity in Adult Humans. This paper demonstrates that there is a threshold for how much … Read More

Gym Newbie: Your Beginner Weight Training Template

Are you new to lifting weights? Not sure where to start? Hesitant to try that new Get Ripped! template in the latest Muscle & Fitness magazine? Fitness can be intimidating and confusing, so I wanted to simplify things and present … Read More

HER Body™ Podcast #18 with Dain Wallis | Longevity for Health and Sport – Body IO ®

What type of preparation is needed for competitive sports? How can you sustain your health for sports and life? In today’s HER Body™ episode, AJ and Alex chat with fellow Body IO® coach, Dain Wallis, about the training and preparation … Read More

Lifting 411: How To Pick Your Working Weight

  One of the biggest apprehensions people have about lifting weights is how to determine the proper working weight. Many trainers will throw workout templates at people (Just do 5×5!… huh?) but when do warm-up sets stop and working sets … Read More

Are Your Workouts Making You Fat? – Body IO ®

  I see her in the gym every day. Let’s call her Sarah. She arrives in her heels and business casual attire, changes into her sneakers and Lulu gear, and begins to stretch and roll out on the gym floor. … Read More

Metabolism and Weight Loss for Women

Fat-burning aside, we all know that the primary difference between men and women is that… With that bit of science covered, let’s discuss metabolism and weight loss for women, relative to how men burn fat.  I came across a tidy … Read More

Compound vs Isolation: Use Your Time Efficiently

A big thanks to Jordan Foley for bringing to my attention the latest in a long line of informative articles by Mark Rippetoe. Today’s discovery: Rippetoe Goes Off, where Mark Rippetoe discusses compound vs isolation, in a passionate manner. As … Read More

Exercise After Pregnancy: How To Lose That Baby Fat!

In honour of the birth of my new niece Norah, I’ve dug up a nice article on exercise after pregnancy. I’m obviously not an expert in the field, so I would suggest reading this article from Jill Coleman, who has … Read More

Caloric Restriction and Cardio: The Journey To Skinny Fat
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I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about why I “hate” cardio and why I say that people need to lift weights in order to avoid being fat. Let me clarify some things: Personally, yes, I do hate steady-state … Read More

How To Train Like A Woman, Part 3: The Plan

OK ladies, we’ve identified the problems, we’ve covered the guidelines, now it’s time to lay out how to truly train like a woman! Before we begin, however, let’s clarify a few things: – This is a general template for all women. … Read More

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